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Realty Program

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The Native Village of Kotzebue, Realty Department, has a compact with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to provide the following services to landowners of restricted property that are within our jurisdiction:

  • Negotiated Sales Define
    A sale in which there is a potential buyer.
  • Advertised Sales Define
    A sale in which our office advertises the property in order to find a potential buyer.
  • Gift Deeds Define
    A transfer of title from one individual to another without monetary compensation. Usually between family or friends.
  • Leases Define
    An agreement by which an owner of real property gives the right of possession to another for a specific period of time and for specified consideration.
  • Mortgages Define
    To use restricted property as collateral to obtain a loan from a lending institution.
  • Revocable Use Permits Define
    A short term agreement allowing the use or access to a property
  • Rights-of-Way Define
    The right or privilege to travel over a designated portion of another person’s land.
  • Subdivision Define
    The formal process of survey and platting creating several parcels from a larger parcel.
  • Unresolved Rights Define
    The unauthorized use of property by an individual or entity preventing the landowners use of property. Also referred to as Trespass.
  • Removal of Restrictions Define
    To remove restrictions placed on the property by the Federal Government.

Overview of Restricted Property

The Federal Government conveyed land to Alaska Natives subject to certain restrictions. This property is inalienable and non-taxable, therefore the Bureau of Indian Affairs is responsible for managing such assets. Restricted property cannot be sold, leased or otherwise conveyed without the approval of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Eligible persons were able to apply for restricted land not to exceed 160 acres under the Native Allotment Act of May 17, 1906. Eligible persons were also able to apply for a restricted townsite lot under the Alaska Native Townsite Act of 1926. These lands have almost entirely been conveyed from the Bureau of Land Management to those who’ve applied.

Overview of Probate

Probate is the legal process of determining the property, debts, heirs or devisees and other matters relating to the distribution of an individuals estate when they pass away.

The Native Village of Kotzebue, Realty Department, prepares Probates for landowners of restricted property who have passed away and that are within our jurisdiction. The Office of Hearings and Appeals will conduct a Probate Hearing for all cases then issue a Probate Decision. This Probate Decision is considered a legal title document.

Please notify our office if you are aware someone has passed away that owns restricted property. If you inherited restricted property and would like copies of probate decisions, feel free to contact us.

Estate Planning/Last Will and Testament

Our office can assist landowners of restricted property with Estate Planning needs. One of the most important would be making a Last Will and Testament. Please contact our office if you are interested in preparing a Last Will and Testament.

If an individual did not leave a Last Will and Testament when they passed away then the Alaska Intestate Statutes would be followed to determine their heirs. Click here for a Summary of Alaska Intestate Succession Laws for Probates of Alaska Native Lands (PDF).


  • If you have any questions regarding the Indian Trust Settlement (Cobell Settlement) please visit their website at
  • To find out if you are on the Office of Special Trustee’s Whereabouts Unknown list please visit their website at
  • Additional Bureau of Indian Affairs programs can be found on their website at
  • The Bureau of Land Management’s website at is a great resource for information regarding federal land.
  • The State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources maintains records including Land Title Records and Survey Maps. These records can be search, and in many cases be viewed, on their website

Program Contacts

Peter H. Lie

Realty Director
Direct Ext. 907-442-5311